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Design Studio is your home for all your inventing-related marketing materials. From simple logo design, to a full portfolio of materials to sell your product idea, our professional designers have you covered.

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Logo Design
  • Every good product needs a logo – big idea or small, a logo is the first step in getting yourself, and your product idea, the professionalism you need to stand out.

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Marketing Package
  • If you want your product idea to truly stand out, you need to present it the right way. With an inventRight approved virtual prototype and sell sheet, you know you’re giving yourself the best chance to get to market.
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Sell Sheets
  • A sell sheet is the most important part of marketing your product. It needs to be clean, easy to read, and have a professional fit and finish in order to get noticed and leave the best impression on your potential licensee.
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Line Drawings
  • Work with a designer to create clear, concise illustrations that show the features and details of your product.

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Virtual Prototypes
  • Make your napkin sketch come to life with a Virtual Prototype. Our expert designers can take your drawings and turn them into an illustration that looks just like your ideal product.

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