Virtual Prototypes

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Step 1 of 7 - Virtual Prototype Basics

  • Virtual Prototype Basics

  • Welcome to the Virtual Prototype section of Design Studio!

    If this is your first time ordering a Virtual Prototype, please watch the Virtual Prototpye Basics introductory video on this page to learn the essentials of using a Virtual Prototype to market your product. Stephen Key will explain how to create a Virtual Prototype that demonstrates value and function, and how to use this rendering to sell the benefits of your idea.

    Once you complete the introductory video, use the navigation buttons below to continue your order. Thank you for using Design Studio!

  • What You Get

    Up to three different views of a 3D-rendered Virtual Prototype: your product idea will be professionally modeled based on your specifications and sent to you for review. Your order includes up to two revisions. Each request thereafter may incur an additional service charge.